The equipment you need to play golf is the most important thing that you need to prepare as you learn and play this sport. There are a lot of choices in the market that has features and offers benefits that will enhance your golfing experience. You need to familiarize your self with each and every equipment used in playing golf so that you can easily learn how to excel in this game.

Aside from your golfing skills and ability, the equipment used also plays a vital role in improving your performance. Invest for the ones that are tried and tested so as to maximize its use. Here are the list of equipment you need to play golf.

1. Golf balls

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Golf balls play an important role in your performance. This equipment you need to play golf differs in terms of how it was made depending on the kind of game where it will be used. There are golf balls that are made from resin core or solid rubber that is equipped with either polyurethane or Surlyn covering. If you prefer a golf ball that has a harder feel, opt for the one that is made in Surlyn.

If you prefer a golf ball that is quite softer that gives greater control, opt for polyurethane-made. One of the distinguishing marks of a golf ball is its dimples. These dimple-patterns are to deliver aerodynamics for an efficient ball spinning at a greater distance as you hit the ball.

This equipment you need to play golf has varying compression that ranges between 40 to 100. The compression level depends on the preference of the players. The durability of the golf ball is not only dependent on how it was made but by how compressed it is. In general, a golf ball that has low compression is softer and can change its shape easily as you hit it.

Beginner golfer who is still practicing can start using golf ball that has a compression level of 40 but advanced golfers prefer to use balls with a compression level of 80 and above because it has a softness that is less likely to be deformed as time goes by and that it is easier to control. 

Three Types Of Golf Ball

a. Two-piece ball

Suitable for beginner players or those who are high handicapper players who prefer to achieve great distances with less spin.

b. Three-piece ball

It delivers shorter distance but the golf ball is more controllable and has a softer feel, ideal for intermediate players.

c. Four-piece ball

It is recommended for expert players who have a faster swing that can easily balance the golf ball well. 

2. Golf clubs

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An experienced golfer would usually take several clubs in just one game but will not exceed fourteen clubs. The major golf club types that are commonly used are made from iron, wood, and putters. There are also hybrid and wedges that are an efficient addition to your golf bag.

A hybrid golf club is used in a rough area or when the ball is stuck making it a good replacement for long irons while the wedge is efficient for greens or bunkers. For more comfortable use, golf clubs are equipped with grips designated at the opposite end of the shaft. Grips are usually made from a one-piece leather outer wrap. 

One of the most important parts of the golf club is the loft that determines how far your golf ball will go. It is measured by degrees by how the golf club lies. It is said that the higher the angled degree, the more it makes a trajectory. Among the golf club types, the wedge tends to have a higher loft. 

Golf Club Types

a. Iron

The iron-type is used for a precision shot in a rough area while the putters are efficient to use in both bunker and greens. 

b. Wood

The wood type is used for long shots, usually used when the golf ball is in a tee or fairway.

c. Putter

This type of golf club is suitable for both short and low-speed strokes. It is best used if the golf ball is quite in a short distance from the hole.

3. Golf Bag

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This equipment you need to play golf holds the golf clubs and other golfing accessories. Most golf bags that are durable are made from leather or canvas. An ideal golf bag should be equipped with different sizes of pockets where you can keep not only your golf essentials but your valuables as well. There are different kinds of golf bags which are the carry bag, cart bag, staff bag, and travel bag. 

Kinds Of Golf Bag

a. Carry bag

A carry bag is meant to be carried by the golfer through shoulder straps. This kind of bag is lightweight so as not to cause too much burden to the caddy or to the golfer. Carry bag is also known as the minimalist bag because it is not only easy to carry but also easy to store.

b. Cart Bag

The cart bag is a golf bag that is meant to be harnessed in a pull-cart. Since there is no need to carry it manually, cart bags are usually heavy because it carries more load. It has an extra-large compartment and other extra storage. 

c. Staff Bag

A staff bag is the largest type of golf bag that is usually carried by a cady. A staff bag is usually compared to a cart bag because of its size but the staff bag consists of straps that cannot be seen on a cart bag.

d. Travel Bag

The travel bag, as the name implies, is a golf bag that is an ideal use for golfers who go from one place to another. Travel bags consist of features that aim to protect your golfing essential with its padded construction and club headcover included. Most golf travel bags are constructed discreetly to protect the golfing essentials that are in there.

4. Golf Shoes

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There are different things to consider in choosing golf shoes. You need to consider your style as well as your size. The choice of shoes that you will be getting will reflect your personality. There are four kinds of footwear that you can use to play golf. These are the traditional closed shoes, modern spiked, modern spikeless, and sandals.

Each type of shoes offers pros and cons, your choice would just depend on your preference. These types of shoes are made with either natural leathers, synthetic leathers, or breathable fabrics. Whatever type of shoes that you would pick, the most important thing is that you would get the one that will perfectly fit your feet.

Kinds of Golf Shoes

a. Traditional Golf Shoes

Traditional golf shoes tend to be more durable, classical looking, and are often made in leather. That is why it requires more care so as not to wear off easily.

b. Modern Spiked Golf Shoes

Modern spiked golf shoes tend to be lightweight and are designed in all kinds of golfing platforms whether in a sandy or green area. It is usually made from synthetic leather, its overall looks are really designed for golfing purposes.

c. Modern Spikeless Golf Shoes

The modern spikeless is considered casual streetwear that is comfortable for walking or for running however, it can be difficult to use in wet terrain. The sandals suitable for golfing may be breathable, lightweight, and comfortable, it doesn’t offer much support especially during the long hours of golf play. 

5. Golf Clothes

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Most golf courses require golfers to practice the proper dress code. The dress code varies in different kinds of games. It is always advisable to always know the proper dress code for each game so that you will be prepared and look presentable. It is ideal that both men and women wear a decent collared shirt.

The use of t-shirts is not allowed. The collared shirt is best paired with trousers or knee-length shorts. Golfers are not allowed to use fitness clothing or workout-like clothes as well as jeans and cargo shorts. You can complete your attire by wearing a belt and a baseball cap. In the mix and matching your attire, it is advisable to use a toner down color combination to look more professional especially if you are with your business associates. 

6. Towel

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This equipment you need to play golf has many uses in golfing. It can be used to wrap the grip of your golf club for easy and comfortable carrying. Its other uses are for cleaning, drying, carrying, and storage. You may notice that a golfer would always use a towel during the game to wipe and clean a dirty golf club. It is important to keep your golf club clean at all times. A dirty golf club can lead to making bad shots that affect your performance. 

When a ball washer is not accessible, a damp towel is also helpful to clean a golf ball. It is important to always keep your golfing equipment dry. Keeping your equipment dry avoids rust and permanent damage to your equipment. A golf towel is used to clean and dry your equipment right away before placing it into your golf bag.

Optional Golfing Equipment

Golf Tees

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Golf tees are optional golfing equipment. It is primarily used as a stand for a golf ball so that it is easier to strike it. This equipment you need to play golf is made from either plastic or wood. It is a perfect use for tall golfers because it somehow adjusts the distance between the golf club and the golf ball. The average golf tee has a dimension of about 5.4 cm or 2.13 inches. Each golf driver is suitable for a specific tee measurement.

Sizes of Tees

a. 4-inch Tee

A 4-inch tee is for the large-head driver.

b. 3.25-inch Tee

the 3.25-inch tee is for medium-head drivers.

c. 2.13-inch Tee

The 2.13-inch tee is for hybrids, irons, and fairway woods, and the 1.5-inch is for irons and hybrids.

Ball Markers

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Ball markers are described as a small and flat object that is used to mark the exact position of the golf ball before lifting it. Coins and golf tees are also used as a replacement in the absence of a ball marker. Ball markers usually have a company logo or a championship title. 

Divot Tools

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This tool is basic equipment especially for beginner golfers who would accidentally hit the grass and not the ball in an instant. It is used to repair ball marks or also known as repairing pitch marks. Divot tools ensure that the beauty of the landscape is still preserved. You need to make sure that the use of a divot tool is done correctly so as not to cause additional damage to the green surface. 

Tips In Buying Equipment You Need To Play Golf

  • Always compare prices. There are different brands in the market that has varying prices but has the same quality. Opt for the cheaper one but is tested to be of high quality.
  • Make sure that the equipment that you will be purchasing is suitable for your skills level. If you are still a beginner, it is not advisable to choose equipment that can cater to experienced skills.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different kinds of golf equipment so that you would know the things that you need to prioritize in buying. There is equipment that is optional to invest in, what’s important is that you have the main equipment such as the golf ball and golf club.

Preparing Yourself And Your Equipment Before A Game

1. Check the condition of your equipment

As you constantly use your equipment, it gets weakened overtime. There are also some observations that storing your equipment for a long period of time may decrease its performance. You don’t want your equipment would breakdown during the actual play that is why it is important to check each piece before bringing it to the main event. Dispose of or repair that equipment that has a wear and tear so as not to affect your performance. 

2. Check your golf bag

To ensure that you will be bringing all the needed essentials in your golf play, it is advisable to check your golf bag before leaving the house. You can bring additional golf balls and golf clubs as well as additional garments. A golf bag that is equipped with a lot of compartments is ideal so that you don’t need another bag to fit in all your needed equipment and essentials. It is also important to check if your golf bag is in perfect condition, you don’t want to lose any equipment if in case your bag breaks.

3. Clean the equipment that you will use

It is said that dirty equipment might affect your overall performance that is why it is important to clean all your golf equipment before use. Make sure that it is dry all the time. Making sure that your equipment is always clean and dry will prolong its lifespan.

4. Stay Fit

Golfing requires physical exertion, your body should be strong enough to play this sport to avoid injuries. Know the right stance and proper posture in playing so as to avoid injuries involving the elbows, hands, shoulders, waist, and head. There are core exercises that you can practice to strengthen your body and your stamina.


Now that you have knowledge about the different equipment you need to play golf, explore the different brands in the market that is suitable for your lifestyle.