To help you out, we’ve put together this golfers buying guide about the best golf club sets under 500 in 2024. To have a fantastic time out on the golf course, it’s essential to have equipment that you know will be reliable. You could always rent a set of clubs, that’s true. But if you want to be taken seriously as a golfer, and if you’re going to make any progress in it, renting will no longer be ideal. If you’re going to get better at golf, you will want to get your equipment. While it’s true that golf is not a cheap hobby per se, the fact is that you can still get into it even when on a budget.

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There are a bunch of different sets out there under the budget of 500 dollars. However, the fact is that not all of these sets will have similar levels of quality. To help you wade through everything out there, we’ve given you all the information that you could need. It will also tell you what kinds of clubs there are, and what they are often used for. Beyond that, we’ve also put together many reviews of the best of these clubs. That way, finding the best golf club sets under 500 is much more straightforward and far more painless than would have been.
Are you ready? So are we! Let’s jump right in.

Are you ready? So are we! Let’s jump right in.

The Best Golf Club Sets Under 500

The right golf club set for you exists, and it is out there! There’s no need for worry or concern – that’s precisely why we put together these recommendations and reviews. Quality clubs under 500 are here, but these are not the only sets out there. We want to let you know some of the best of the best – but these are only some suggestions.

Our Favorite

Product Name: Callaway Ultimate Golf Set – Men’s Strata

Product Description: Our next golf set is by Callaway. It’s the Men’s Strata, their Ultimate Golf Set – one of Amazon’s most popular and most reviewed. At least in terms of golf sets, that is. It’s also actually one of the highest rated out of all of them. For golf beginners, this set is easily one of the best choices around. Sitting at a cost well below five hundred dollars, this set is not just great for your budget, it’s fantastic all around too. This literally comes with most everything you will need – and on top of that each item on this set is made incredibly high in quality.

  • Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Forgiveness


Included in this set are several fantastic clubs that work great even for newbies. No wonder it’s one of the best golf club sets under 500 – it simply offers value for money that is far too good. Inside this kit is a driver, full titanium, offering enough loft to allow amazing forgiveness, even for newer players. One fairway woods pair is included (the 3 and the 5) both of which have pretty big sweet spots. Hybrids are also included (your 4H and your 5H), which are both awesome alternatives to the long irons.

You will also get a full set of irons as well as wedges (stainless steel) – the 6 to the 9, the PW and the SW. A putter is also included, along with your stylish bag.


  • Incredibly comprehensive golf club set, contains practically everything you will need
  • Clubs are rather well made and they are also balanced well
  • High quality
  • Spacious storage bag remains light and portable
  • Covers for club heads are included
  • Quite affordable and amazing value for money


  • One color only
  • A few reviews saying their driver clubhead came off after a while, your mileage may vary
  • Pitching wedge shaft can be improved in terms of durability


TaylorMade Golf Irons – Aeroburner HL

For something that offers you the maximum in terms of confidence (of getting at the very least acceptable distance) as well as forgiveness – regardless of how lousy you might hit – AeroBurner HL by TaylorMade is an excellent choice. The best part? This club set cost is way below five hundred – so it fits just the budget perfectly. Buying this set will give you eight different clubs, including everything from No. 4, going to AW. That includes just about everything you would need as a typical golfer.

To make this set more forgiving, TaylorMade has implemented specific techniques even for less than stellar shots, especially for beginners. The clubface was made thin but large, and it was designed to flex ever so slightly on impact – much like fairways. As a result, these clubs send your ball farther – and higher – than other similar irons.

Of course, the set looks rather bold, but the shorter irons could look a little too aggressive for others. But aside from its appearance, many other things make this club set great. TaylorMade put in what is known as a Speed Pocket – thin, long cuts at the bottom to make the flex a bit more consistent.

Pros and Cons of TaylorMade Golf Irons – Aeroburner HL

✔️Priced rather affordably, especially for a set containing 8 irons
✔️Appearance is attractive, although your mileage may vary
✔️Balanced in design
✔️Speed pocket
❌Too heavy to carry if you’re walking a fair bit
❌Could do better with a bit more feel

Your Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Golf Club Sets Under 500

Before you can even start clicking that “add to cart,” you have to know what makes a good golf club set. There are quite a lot of things to consider when you’re shopping for a set. After all, if you purchase the wrong set, you might find yourself having a terrible time at the golf course. This is precisely the reason you know what to look for when shopping for one of these sets. To help you out, we put together this in-depth buying guide to make a more informed decision come the time you have to.

To simplify the shopping process, this guide should help you. We’ll be discussing the types of things you need to look for, among many other things. And so, without further ado, let’s get to the guide!

What Are The Components of a Golf Club?

It’s essential to know what the components of a golf club are. Without knowing this information, it then becomes impossible to figure out what makes a good club. Then, consequently, it also becomes impossible to figure out what would make a good set. This is why before we get talking about the best golf club sets under 500, we want to discuss a golf club’s components.

Four different major categories of these clubs exist. You got the wedges, the putters, the irons, and the woods. Every one of these clubs has many different components, familiar to the golf sets on the open market these days.


The first principal component of a golf club is its grip. The grip is a cover made out of rubber, which goes on the last part of the shaft. This grip goes over your club’s handle, which is roughly the last 8 inches or so on the shaft. This part of the club allows you to grip correctly on the shaft to perform your swing without slippage.

Golf sets will be labeled and marketed in three ways. They can be sold with standard grips, midsize grips, or jumbo (oversize) grips. You can select your club’s grip out of personal preference or based on the size of your hand..

When it comes to the designs of the grips, there are many to choose from. They may vary in a few ways: in colors or textures, for example. The material used can also vary. However, one thing is exact: grips are included to make it easier for you to hold on to your golf club.


As we’ve mentioned, the grip of your club goes onto its shaft. The shaft is the next major part of a club. It’s the long stick, cylindrical in shape, that connects your handle to the rest of your club. It’s often made of metal or graphite, and its length will depend on what kind of club it’s installed on. A shaft can come in varying flexes – basically its stiffness or flexibility.

The primary determinant in how flexible your shaft will be is the speed of the head. The flex, or stiffness levels, are then labeled by several letters, each of which stands for something. L will stand for ladies, a will stand for amateur, M will stand for senior, R is regular, S will stand for stiff, and finally, X means that the shaft is extra stiff.

For men, the most common flex is R, while for women, L. If you aren’t sure what flex you should go for; it may be best to ask the clubs’ seller. You can also request a professional or someone who is more experienced with golfing overall.


The next part of your club is what is called a hosel. The hosel connects a shaft to the head of the club. It also controls the club’s lie angle. A lie angle is a measured angle between the shaft and the club head’s sole. The lie angle will sometimes need to be adjusted depending on your height, the length of your arms, or swing style. If your shaft needs to be bent to increase this angle, you have what’s called an “upright lie.” If the angle is decreased, your lie is then “flat.”

Hosels can sometimes come in an adjustable option. They essentially perform the same job of connecting the shaft and the head. Having your hosel adjustable means you can easily modify the lie angle and the loft of your club. Adjustable hosels are a recent innovation, only coming into production as recently as 2009. They’re found only in fairway woods, in hybrids, and drivers. Adjustable hosels are fantastic and beneficial because they allow you to fine-tune your club according to your preferences and needs.


Last but not least, you have the club head. Many people will tell you that you will want to look at the clubheads to determine the best golf club sets under 500. They’re not wrong because the club head does matter much, as it is the part of your club that will hit the ball. The clubhead will be the significant factor in how high and how far your ball will go once hit. The clubhead is what you could call the main feature when it comes to golf clubs. It is also the first thing you will have to decide on before any other component.

Club heads are designed with specific attributes depending on the manufacturer. These attributes will be geared toward particular player needs and abilities. In the end, they will all still perform the same duty – to strike the ball.

Categories of Golf Clubs

Best Golf Club Sets Under 500

After the components of a golf club, the next thing for you to consider is their category. As we have mentioned before, there are four main categories for you to consider.


The first category of the club is the driver. Back in the day, drivers were known by the name “woods” – for the most part, because back then, they were made using wood. These days, drivers and fairway woods may still be referred to by the same name (woods). This is even though they are made with modern materials such as titanium, steel, etc.

In any club set, including the best golf club sets under 500, your driver will have the largest club head. Drivers are typically used for long-distance shots, and they are generally used for the first shot, which usually happens on par four or maybe on par 5. Drivers shafts are typically made using graphite. In your bag, the driver will typically be the longest. The driver’s face is also usually the largest in terms of hitting area, but the largest a driver’s clubhead is allowed to be is 460 cubic centimeters (cc) – which is also the most popular size. Smaller clubhead sizes (440cc or smaller) are often more popular with more skilled players. As a rule of thumb, higher cc numbers mean the club is more forgiving if the shot is off-center.

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are clubs still included in the “wood” category. These days, they are referred to as metal woods or fairway metals. They have the 3- wood club, 5-wood club, and the 7-wood club. When the number is higher, the club’s loft is greater, and as a result, the shot you made will travel higher and shorter.

Fairway woods are usually made using graphite (for the shaft) as well. Occasionally, they may be steel. The club heads on these will look similar to drivers’, bulbous in shape but flat on one side (the part that hits the ball).

These are used on longer fairway shots, tee par-four shots that are shorter, and tee par-three longer shots. If you often struggle with hitting using your driver, you can use one of your fairway woods for teeing off instead. This is because this type of club adds loft, assisting you in making your shot travel straighter.


Next, you have the hybrid golf clubs, a cross between an iron and a wood. They typically have the same (or similar) shape compared to a wood, and they also offer an advantage: they’re easier to hit. These clubs will have the same length and loft that irons have so that the distance will be similar.

A lot of people will replace long irons in their sets (like 3-irons and 4-irons). They’ll use hybrids instead to make their game more forgiving.


In any club set, including the best golf club sets under 500, there are irons. An iron is used on just about every hole. They will cover nearly everything – from short or mid-range shots to long-range shots from the tee. These clubs come in a set, which will usually include six to eight irons: 3-iron, 4-iron, 5-iron, 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron, and the 9-iron. There will also be a gap wedge (AKA approach wedge) or perhaps one pitching wedge. These sets will come with either a steel or a graphite shaft. If you are a beginner and aren’t sure which is more suited for you, ask a professional for assistance.

The heads on these irons will help any golfer to improve their accuracy.


One more type of club is the wedge. These are relatively close to irons. They even have a similar build and look. The only difference comes in the clubs’ lofts. Wedges will have a higher loft degree. They’re designed to be highly accurate, and they also provide more spin compared to regular irons. Wedges will also have what is called “bounce,” which allows the club to bounce off the ground instead of digging into it. There are also many different types of wedge clubs such as lob wedges, sand wedges, and gap wedges.


Last but not least, you have the putter. Out of all the clubs in any of the best golf sets under 500, arguably, the putter’s most important one. It’s got a steel shaft with a grip that’s either squared or flat at the part where you would hold it with your thumb. The face of the putter is almost flat or completely flat. It is generally also smaller, at least in comparison to other clubs in your set. Putter heads come in either the mallet-style or the blade style.

Final Thoughts On The Best Golf Club Sets For Under $500

When it comes to golf, having the right golf irons sets can mean a world of difference to your performance. This is why it is so important to invest in a good golf club set. After all, you could be doing your best out on the golf course, but if you have the wrong tools, you could be in for a world of disappointment. It is not exactly something any aspiring golfer wants, especially when all you’re trying to do is improve your results be that extra distance or just a solid performance over a variety of shots. Treat yourself to one of the best golf club sets for a reasonable price. This way, you will have a better chance to enjoy your golf.

We hope that this guide we’ve put together will help you to figure out which set suits you best. Remember, however, that although we’ve made sure to include the best sets (in our opinion). All we mean to say is, keep your options open. If a set that is not on this list does interest you, we hope that the information we’ve given can genuinely be of help to all you golfers!

Good luck on your search for the best golf club sets under 500. And, of course, happy golfing!

Are Expensive Golf Clubs Worth The Extra?

The simple answer is probably not unless you are a pro, as they will have less forgiveness if you don’t hit the ball in the center of the sweet spot. So for a beginner, definitely NO the price is just not worth it.

What Are The Easiest Golf Irons To Hit A Golf Ball?

For the typical golfer, short irons (7, 8, 9) and wedges are the “best” to use. These clubs are noticeably shorter and a bit heavier than the longer irons, allowing greater control of the club more forgiveness and better shots. On top of that, people often get carried away with their swing speed while hitting long irons, limiting stability and precision.

What degree of Loft Should I Be Looking For In A Pitching Wedge?

Most of the pitching wedges on the market will be between 45 and 48 degrees.

Which Are The Best Graphite Shafts or Steel Shafts?

Graphite shafts can be manufactured lighter than steel, for starters. It also allows the golfer to have a slower swing speed and still have a high club head speed down due to the design because it stores some of the energy in the shaft allowing for greater ball speed thus maximum distance.

Which Brands Produce Cheap Golf Club Sets?

Though they all have their own flagship model if you are looking at an affordable price manufacturers such as Cobra, Wilson, Callaway and if you can stretch your budget a bit Ping and Titleist are a solid choice in a slightly higher price range, all offer excellent performance and would be a great choice for beginners. We would go with the set above from TaylorMade. Check it out it is budget friendly.