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Garmin Approach G6 Review

The Garmin Approach G6 review is it a golfer’s dream? For golfers who have been searching for the best golf GPS,  look no further than the Approach G6. It has everything you need while out on the links – easy touchscreen navigation with an auto-hole advance feature, auto course recognition, pinpoint accuracy. The G6 is truly a one-size-fits-all device. As the adage goes, great things come in small packages.

Garmin Approach G6 Review

The G6 features a new sleeker design that fuses the designer’s love for elegant sizing (0.8″ thick and less than 3.5 ounces) with fashionable color and touchscreen features. The screen is 2.6″ diagonal and incredibly easy to read, even under direct sunlight. Also, no annual fees are required, and the user will never encounter unexpected charges from his or her favorite golf course!

Garmin Approach G6 Update

Top Features Of Garmin Approach G6

The top features on this golf GPS include 27,000 preloaded courses, high-quality images of the greens and fairways, along with score card statistics. The touchscreen used by the golfers allows users to touch any point on the map and instantly receive data for that locale. Also, if you should happen to be about 190 yards away from a tee shot or the edge of a sand trap, you will immediately know what lies ahead in your round of golf.

The Approach G6 golf GPS unit comes with two new buttons to make it easy to jump straight into the hole view, the pin position finder, and the digital scorecard. Also, it has a 15-hour battery life that you can charge up and reuse over and over again in about 4 hours.

A few suggestions for improvement, the most notable being that when distances to mapped targets are displayed, the fact that the distance readings are shown in a way that they could be covered by your finger when using the touchscreen. Plus, not being able to view your saved scores and statistics on a computer (they are only accessible on the device itself).

Of course, Garmin has been working hard to improve their golf GPS devices, and their latest offering – the Approach G6 Golf – is no exception. A sleek and slim device that’s easy to tuck into a pocket during play, this option provides an outstanding feature set at an affordable price. This level of commitment towards quality does not go unnoticed. The Approach G6 has been widely praised by critics, who appreciate how this device provides an outstanding feature set at a competitive price.

This new Garmin G6 is great. I liked that it came programmed with over 27,000 golf courses nationwide. Never needing to spend hours inputting courses, I was able to enjoy the ease of the interface from the beginning. One of the easiest GPS units to use, it offered everything I’d want in this product. No hidden fees or misleading claims, you’re not going to run into any issues. It’s individual shot distance and distance to target is accurate too. Overall, this GPS unit blew me away.

Conclusion On Garmin Approach G6 Review

It comes with thousands of pre-programmed courses. There’s no user setup. See the green view and the distance to the front, back or middle of it. Measures shot distance. Keeps score digitally (hole by hole). Tracks fairways hit, greens hit, and putts per round. It comes with a scoring app. Its accuracy is near the top. What are the downsides? Its not a golfing gps watch.