Best Putter For Fast Greens

Fast green speeds can be challenging in golf – even experienced golfers will experience a bit of frustration when dealing with them. A couple of footers may look like ten footers, especially if you are starting to discover golf and your confidence is not the best. When mistakes arise and having the right club can help you overcome such issues in no time. Furthermore, choosing the best putter for fast greens is a wise move.

Best Putter For Fast Greens

With no experience, deciding whether or not a green is fast can be tricky. Usually, if the meter reading is ten or higher, it is considered to be fast. Now, what kind of putter do you need to use? A heavy putter, a balanced putter, a belly putter, a light putter or an insert putter? What are your best-rated options, and, most importantly, what makes them so unique, and how can you benefit from them?

Top 5 Putters For Fast Greens

Ping Sigma 2 Fetch

Ping’s best-rated putter for fast greens will not let you down. It is one of the best options on the market if you struggle. It has a center shaft that may make it look a bit unusual. It may take a while to get used to it, but once you master it, nothing will stop you again.

The center shaft makes lining up putts reasonably simple – it is all about learning to balance it accordingly. This way, you can keep your eyes on the ball instead – much more comfortable to go for that sweet spot. One of the best parts about this putter? Its length is adjustable – it goes anywhere between 32 and 36 inches.

In terms of style and appearance, the design is similar to milled steel. But as you start using it, you will most likely find it softer and smoother. The primary goal is to get the ball to move straight. This is a priority on putts within 10 feet anyway.

Finally, it is worth noting that the Sigma 2 series has many different options to choose from, but this one, in particular, is extremely well rated.


  • Easy to align and keep eyes on the ball
  • Well put together
  • Length is adjustable
  • Good feedback after you hit the ball
  • Great within five and 10 feet


  • Not the best choice from 20 feet

Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0

This could be the best putter for fast greens if you are after value for money – you cannot go wrong with it, and it will support you under a plethora of circumstances. It comes in a few different sizes and styles, not to mention the grip or the hand orientation.

The best part about the putter is the high level of forgiveness. The putter is consistent with your small mistakes. No other putter on the market can match the forgiveness. While the putter has been around for a few years, it is still one of the most reliable choices out there.

It is worth noting that while you have different colors and styles to choose from, they will most likely give you different depth perception. From this point of view, it is easy to tell why the black one is the best-rated option on the market.

Finally, in terms of materials and durability, steel is excellent – it also provides excellent feedback on your shots.


  • Works wonders with both soft and hard balls
  • Excellent value for money
  • Black and white designs are great for the alignment
  • Durable and well put together
  • Available in more sizes and styles


  • It might feel a bit soft when compared to other putters

Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select

This may not necessarily be the best putter for a complete newbie, yet it pays off starting with it as you learn faster. However, it is aimed at professionals. This is the brand that Tiger Woods has used for years – learn from a champion and use what he does.

The putter is simply out of this world. It looks modern, sleek, and expensive. According to multiple professional golfers, it may have a few good competitors these days, but it is still the best putter for fast greens. It is suitable for right-handed people (other options available too).

The best-selling variety of this putter comes with a 3.5-degree loft and a total height of 34 inches. Sure, you can find a bit of variety, but make sure it can match your actual needs. It provides good feedback as you use it and has a quick learning curve.

Apart from looks, craftsmanship, and high-quality standards, it is worth noting that this putter will provide consistency, regardless of the situation.


  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Good looking design
  • Available in more varieties
  • Extremely well-rated by professionals
  • Durable and solid


  • It might feel a bit challenging for complete newbies

Evnroll ER1.2

There are plenty of Evnroll putters out there, but this one stands out in the crowd. It is super forgiving and makes golf feel like the most straightforward sport in the world – even if you are a total beginner.

The overall appearance is one of the aspects that contribute to its popularity. It looks crisp and provides excellent feedback, but it also feels solid, and well put together. It has a satin finish, as well as sharp and smooth lines. It feels sturdy and ready to go.

You will like a pro just by standing by the ball with this putter in your hands – half the battle is already won. As you use it and get used to its capabilities, it feels like you are cheating. It can stimulate your instincts, too, so you will know precisely how much power it requires.

Based on steel, the putter is 35 inches in height. You can find it in a few different options, based on your personal needs.


  • Perfect sizing and weight
  • It helps to indicate the power needed for the shot
  • Glides smoothly through the turf
  • Ideal for fast greens
  • Sleek and professional design


  • Bottom markings could fade in the long run

TaylorMade Golf Spider X

This putter has been made in a few different varieties. Even these days, you can find it in more options – as well as more styles. Over time, it has been through many updates, too – the most modern variety comes with exquisite help in alignment, something that was missing in the first models.

Take a look at the top of the club. You will see a white Y there, as well as a black line crossing it. This design helps you align the putter properly for the next shot – a bit of practice will make the final result even better, so try it out first.

Weights go on the outside, so you have more control over the total balance. Moreover, you have 45-degree grooves. They help with the roll and movement, but they will also contribute to the actual sound. Most golfers will also appreciate the compact head, which adds to its versatility.

Given the design, it is pretty apparent that TaylorMade has managed to design a putter that feels stable in all situations – straight back and through strokes.


  • Excellent sizing standards
  • Good looking design
  • Great help with the alignment
  • Improved sound and superior movement
  • Accessible to everyone due to its compact head


  • It takes a while to get used to it

What To Consider While Choosing The Best Putter For Fast Greens

There are no doubts about it – the putter is the most common club in your bag. It is used all the time, and if you keep an eye on professional tournaments, you will notice that the players with the most extraordinary putting abilities tend to win. However, things have changed a lot over the past decades. These days, putters come in all sizes and shapes – different technology, sounds, movement types, and results. Many modern putters are practically reinventing the sport. There are even putters for high handicappers.

Choosing the best putter for fast greens can be tricky – no matter what you choose, chances are you will need a bit of practice. You need to get used to the putter and understand how it works to take advantage of its capabilities.

Putter Head Styles For Fast Greens

The blade is the traditional type of putter. It comes with a small head and has been the primary putter for over a century. The design is essential and simplistic, hence its popularity on fast greens. It comes with a delicate touch that allows deep customization of your hit. Many players still rely on this option today.

Peripheral weighted putters are different and somehow expected in the golfing industry when they first kicked in. They are thin, soft, and delicate, but they have extra weight in the heel. In other words, these putters provide great forgiveness. They changed the golf industry in the 1960s, and they are still common today.

Finally, mallet putters are forgiving and ensure a consistent approach all the time. They provide some extra benefits because they allow more sizing to use for the shot. Besides, they come with extra help for the alignment, while the center of gravity is low – fewer spins and extra performance.

Types Of Fast Green Putters

Generally speaking, putters can be classified into two different categories. Face balanced putters ensure the face is upwards during the balancing stage. The center of gravity goes under the imaginary axis crossing the shaft. These putters are most suitable if you have a straight putting stroke.

Toe balanced putters are slightly different – the toe is pointing at the ground during the balancing step. They tend to open and close throughout the actual stroke, so they are great for those with an arc in their strokes.

Faces and inserts

The face is highly connected to the type of green, the speed, and the feel you like. There are a few different options here:

  • Metal faced putters – Usually based on steel (other materials are also accepted), they are responsive and provide excellent control.
  • Insert faced putters – Designed as metallic putters, and these options feature a nonmetallic insert. The weight is changed, and while the sound is not the best, the feel is softer.
  • Groove faced putters – This design is relatively new compared to others and aims to improve the accuracy and reduce the spin.


Some putters are heel-shafted, meaning the shaft connects to the head on the player’s closest end. Center shafted putters provide some symmetry – it is a matter of personal preferences. Some golfers find this design more comfortable to use, as the alignment is much simpler. Then, you also have the so-called hosel offset. This variation allows the hosel to bend backward – ideal for keeping the hands ahead of the ball during the impact. Most putters have a bit of offset in their design, but the specific ones come with a more pronounced design.

Best Putter For Fast Greens Conclusion

As a short conclusion, choosing the best putter for fast greens depends on what you feel comfortable with. It could be hard to decide without trying different putters, so head to a local golf club and practice a little – try out different styles, brands, and models to see what suits you better.

Your personal needs also dictate other aspects of the putter, such as the shaft length or grip. There are loads of options out there, and every player will be able to choose a style – but you would never be able to do it without practicing.

Keep in mind that no matter what putter you choose, you will not be an expert overnight. Some of them may take longer to get used to their designs and efficiency, so be patient and make sure you persevere in learning the game.