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6 Best Mallet Putters with the Largest Sweet Spot!

Over the years, mallet putters have been the rave among golfers. Unlike blade putters, mallet types have substantially large and face-balanced clubheads that promise a larger sweet spot. True enough, the best mallet putters are the most forgiving of all putter types. With this, beginners and high-handicappers will thrive in this putter more than using blade types.

If you’re yet to get your first mallet putter, I’ve reviewed here six of my favorite options in the market. All of these have been tried and tested by thousands of golfers around the world. See which one suits your playing needs:

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 Our Top Pick! 
TaylorMade Spider X
2020 Putter
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Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab
Triple Track Putter
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Pinemeadow Golf
SiTE 4 Putter
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TaylorMade FCG
Mallet Putter
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Cleveland Golf Frontline
Elevado Mallet Putter
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Callaway Odyssey EXO
Mallet Putter
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What is a mallet putter?

Mallet putters are very easy to distinguish from their blade counterparts. It has a large clubhead that comes in different shapes and sizes. There are the so-called mid-mallets, which are smaller versions.

Moreover, mallet putters often have a half-moon shape. The back is usually rounded, but many golf brands nowadays have devised open backs with skeleton-like inserts.

The biggest difference between a mallet and a blade putter is how it distributes the weight. With mallet putters, the weight is concentrated away from the club’s face. This shifts the center of gravity, so the putter will have a higher MOI, which translates to higher forgiveness.

Still, mallet putters aren’t just for beginners. Many professional golfers have been using mallet putters over the years. It all comes down to the club’s overall feel and where you’re putting on the green.

6 Best Mallet Putters with the Largest Sweet Spot!


OUR TOP PICK: TaylorMade Spider X 2020 Putter
best mallet putters

Product Name: TaylorMade Spider X 2020 Putter

Product Description: When it comes to the best mallet putters, nothing beats the TaylorMade Spider X. It’s the most popular putter in the PGA Tour, which says a lot about its performance on the green. Moreover, the Spider X sports its True Path Alignment System that helps golfers make accurate putts. It also has re-engineered mass properties on its clubhead for the best balance. I also like this putter's upgraded stability with its 320-gram steel frame and a 15-gram carbon composite sole. When combined, these two parts offer perimeter weighting and a more optimal shape. You can also personalize the weight ports in 2, 6, or 12-gram settings.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Forgiveness
  • Weighting
  • Sweet Spot
  • Value for Money


Aside from that, there’s a pure roll insert on the clubhead that delivers a better feel and sound on every shot. Meanwhile, the faceplate has 45-degree grooves that boost the ball’s topspin without causing it to hop. These grooves will also help keep the ball in line.
The Spider X has a steel, uniflex shaft with a 3-degree loft. It has a slant hosel, which gives just the right angle for you to align your putts.
If you have long lag putts, the Spider X might be the right putter for you. Even former World No. 1 Dustin Johnson uses this putter on his matches.


True Path Alignment System
Pure roll insert
Re-engineered clubhead


Steep price range, but definitely worth the splurge


Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Mallet Putter

best mallet putters

If you want a putter that will help with your tracking and alignment, you should consider the Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Mallet Putter. This has a two-ball design with path lines to help you align your putts correctly. Aside from that, this has the Vernier Hyper Acuity, which has better alignment while remaining intuitive.

The Stroke Lab Mallet Putter has a lighter shaft, wherein 40 grams of the weight is redistributed to the club’s grip end and head. With this, you’ll have better swing momentum on every shot.

Moreover, this sports the popular White Hot Microhinge insert that delivers topnotch sound and feel during impact.

This putter is available in 33” to 35” lengths, all of which have 365-gram clubheads. It has a 0-degree toe hang and 70-degree lie on its full-shaft construction.

I also like this putter’s oversized grip, which offers more comfort, especially for golfers with large hands. If you find it too bulky, you can always opt for the pistol grip option.

Based on my experience, the lines on this putter really helped reduce my mishits. And for this price range, I can say that it’s a nice catch. It even comes with a headcover to protect your club.

  • White Hot Microhinge insert
  • Lighter shaft
  • Vernier Hyper Acuity lines
  • The face isn’t soft, which some golfers find unattractive

Pinemeadow Golf SiTE 4 Putter

best mallet putters

If you’re on a budget and looking for a decent mallet putter, you’ll never go wrong with the Pinemedow Golf SiTE 4. This has a low center of gravity, which gives a smooth stroke. I also like the insert that helps reduce ball spin so it doesn’t stray from the right path.

This putter has a 340-gram clubhead and has an oversized, half-mallet design. It’s made to help you guide your shot, thanks to the line right at the clubhead’s sight plate.

Moreover, this has an offset hosel that makes alignment much easier. This has a steel shaft paired with a black and green standard grip. Also, it has an excellent shock absorption feature, so your hands won’t feel the sting of every shot. Aside from the putter, you’ll also receive a headcover to protect it in your bag.

Overall, this putter is available in 33” and 34” lengths with a 72-degree lie. It doesn’t cause the ball to skip, and the club feels firm to hold.

If you have a 12-13 handicap and struggling with your putts, you can give Pinemeadow SiTE 4 a try. You’ll be surprised by how good you are in putting by simply changing your equipment.

  • The face insert prevents the ball from skipping
  • Very visible site plate
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • A little lighter than other mallet putters, which can be an issue for some golfers

TaylorMade FCG Mallet Putter

best mallet putters

Another TaylorMade putter I really dig is the FCG model. This putter boasts of the forward CG placement that gives the feel of a blade but with the higher MOI of a mallet.

To start, this has the 25-gram CU29 copper pure roll that provides a firm and crisp sound on every shot. It also increases the ball’s topspin while maximizing the forward roll.

Aside from that, this has the True Path T-Sightline right on the sight plate of the club. You can easily align your shot from heel to toe and front to back.

Moreover, the sole weight of this putter is adjustable to suit the configuration you prefer. The tungsten weighting can be adjusted easily without the need for special tools.

To pair the clubhead is its KBS Stepless stability shaft. This is designed for less deflection, thanks to its stiff flex. You can also get the shaft in small slant, L-neck, and single bend types.

Overall, I think that the TaylorMade FCG is a game-changer. It really made a big difference in my putting. It also sounds and looks amazing, which are the biggest bonus parts of this club. This is a putter you won’t be ashamed to bring on the golf course.

  • CU29 Pure Roll copper insert
  • True Path T-Sightline
  • Adjustable weighting
  • So far, so good

Cleveland Golf Frontline Elevado Mallet Putter

If you’re looking for a shorter putter, I highly recommend the Cleveland Golf Frontline Elevado. This has a speed-optimized face technology that utilizes a special pattern to drive the ball at a consistent distance.

Aside from that, this has tungsten forward weighting for topnotch momentum on every swing. It also has Cleveland’s 2135 technology that helps you align your putts properly. The center of gravity of this putter is located closer to its face to deliver straighter putts.

For the Elevado model, you’ll get a single bend shaft with a 70-degree lie, 3-degree loft, and 370-gram head weight. It’s face-balanced and fitted with an oversized grip for utmost comfort. You can also get the Elevado model in 33” to 35” lengths as well as plumber’s neck and slant neck hosel types.

I also like the slick black color of this putter, which doesn’t cause glare on a sunny day. The alignment technology is also very simple, so even beginner golfers can easily understand it.

However, some golfers find this club too short and too heavy at the same time. I think it all boils down to your preference since this putter worked wonders for me.

  • 2135 technology for easy alignment
  • Speed-optimized face technology
  • CG is close to the face
  • A few golfers have an issue with the weight

Callaway Odyssey EXO Mallet Putter

Last but not the least, I recommend the Odyssey EXO Mallet Putter. This has the 7 Center Shaft design with an EXO construction. This has a 6061 aluminum exo-cage with a 17-4 stainless steel head that delivers high MOI on every swing.

Moreover, this has Odyssey’s White Hot Micro Hinge insert and Stroke Lab weighting. The insert creates more forward roll while delivering excellent distance control and accuracy.

Aside from that, this club has reduced shaft weight, which was redistributed on other parts of the putter. This makes it easy to swing with topnotch momentum.

You can get this putter in either face-balanced or toe hang options as well as left and right-hand orientations. As for the grip, you have the option to choose pistol, oversize, Winn Pistol, and Supertstroke 2.0, whichever suits you.

Overall, this putter has maximum forgiveness to suit almost every golfer. It has a stainless steel, uniflex shaft with a total length of 33” to 35” and a loft of 3 degrees. You’ll also receive a headcover to protect the putter while inside the bag.

  • White Hot Micro Hinge insert
  • Aluminum EXO cage for maximum forgiveness
  • Reduced shaft weight
  • A little pricey, but worth every dollar considering its performance

How to choose the best mallet putters

There are endless options when it comes to mallet putters. If you’re overwhelmed with the variety in the market, the following will help narrow down your choices:

✔️Putter length

The very first thing you should consider is the length of the mallet putter you’re going to get. This ranges from 33” to 35”, while you can also find custom options that are 36” or longer.

Like I always say, there are two schools of thought involved when choosing the right putter length.

The first thing is your height. A tall golfer will definitely require a longer putter. Meanwhile, shorter golfers will need equally shorter clubs.

The second aspect here is your putting stance. Sometimes, tall golfers opt for standard putter lengths once they have factored in their posture while putting.

In my experience, I had to try several putters before finding the right length that works for me. You can start with the recommended length based on your height and see if it will work for you.


Another thing that you should check is the clubhead weight of the putter. In general, putter heads can weigh an average of 340 to 370 grams. This is standard and easy to get used to.

However, those who always play short shots on the green might be better off with a heavier putter. A 400-gram putter might feel cumbersome, but the added weight will give you more swing momentum.


Forgiveness refers to the construction elements of the club, which reduces bad swings and poor alignment. A putter with maximum forgiveness will more likely sink your putts. However, this also eliminates the ‘wiggle room’ for you to improve your game.

In general, the higher your handicap is, the more forgiveness you’ll need to enjoy your golf matches.


Next, you should check the grip of the putter you’re going to get. An oversized grip is usually comfortable, but make sure that it has excellent vibration-dampening features. On the other hand, some brands offer piston or regular grips, which works too, but may not be as comfy as oversized types.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are mallet putters good for senior golfers?

A: Yes, mallet putters are actually good choices for senior golfers since it has higher forgiveness. It’s also easier to swing, and the weight distribution gives it a better feel. Still, it boils down to the golfer’s preference and putting technique. Many senior golfers I know still prefer blade putters, while others switched to mallets after some time.

Q: Will a mallet help with short putts?

A: Yes, many golfers attest to mallet putters’ performance when it comes to short putts. Due to the added weight and different weight distribution, mallet putters offer more control and swing momentum. In general, a heavier putter is suitable when dealing with short putts. Most of the time, that weight can only be found on mallet putters.

Q: What is a mid-mallet putter?

A: A mid-mallet putter is a subset of full-sized mallets. It’s basically the in-between of a blade and a mallet. It has a larger clubhead than blades but not as big as full-sized mallet putters. As golfers put it, a mid-mallet has the feel of a blade but the stability of a mallet. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Q: What is the #1 putter on PGA Tour?

A: So far, the TaylorMade Spider X (which I reviewed above) is one of the most popular putter choices on the PGA Tour. Aside from that, the 2019-2020 PGA Season also saw the likes of Ping Sigma 2 Valor, Odyssey Toulon Madison, Scotty Cameron, and SIK Flo in action.

Q: What are the disadvantages of using a mallet putter?

A: While mallet putters are versatile, it comes with some downsides. First of all, it’s not always the best choice for speedy greens. And if you have an arc putting stroke, a mallet may not be the suitable club to use. Still, these downsides are easily trumped by the advantages. 

Q: Why are Scotty Cameron putters so expensive?

A: Scotty Cameron is one of the luxury brands in golf putters. It’s expensive because they use premium materials and the putters are highly customizable. Also, famous golfers like Tiger Woods use Scotty putters due to their performance on the green.

Final words

The best mallet putters will give you maximum forgiveness to sink your putts. While it’s larger than blade putters, don’t let the size fool you. This golf club is gaining popularity, thanks to its excellent features that bridge the gap for high-handicappers.

What do you think of these putters? Share your thoughts below!