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5 Best Golf Jackets for Cold Weather

Golfers often dread the cold weather because it impacts their performance. Still, the chilly days shouldn’t stop you from sharpening your golf skills. As long as the courses are open, you can practice some swings while wearing the best golf jackets for cold weather. It’s made warm but lightweight and with an excellent range of motion.

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Columbia Ascender
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Callaway Full-Zip
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adidas Climaheat
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While it may seem like any jacket will do, you’ll feel the difference when performing swings. Hoodies and typical jackets often restrict the area under the arms. Also, the material may not be stretchy enough to give room for your follow-through.

To solve these problems, you should invest in a reliable jacket that will keep you toasty and comfy. Below, I reviewed five of the best options out of the 30 jackets I’ve tried.

5 Best Golf Jackets for Cold Weather


OUR TOP PICK: Columbia Ascender Softshell Jacket
best golf jackets for cold weather

Product Name: Columbia Ascender Softshell Jacket

Product Description: When it comes to the best golf jackets for cold weather, the Columbia Ascender is my go-to. This is a front-zip jacket made of 100% polyester. Its softshell is wind and water-resistant to keep the chill out while you’re playing golf. Moreover, this is designed with a zippered chest pocket where you can carry some tees or a scorecard. You can also use the zippered hand pockets for storage or in keeping your hands warm in between shots. Aside from that, the cuffs of the jacket have bound Velcro designs. Meanwhile, the hem has an adjustable drawcord to fit the jacket snugly. It also zips fully with a turtle neck collar for added warmth.

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  • Material
  • Warmth
  • Comfort
  • Wind Resistance
  • Water Resistance
  • Value for Money


Overall, this is machine-washable and available in a variety of colors and sizes. You can even have it embroidered with a logo or a name without damaging the material.
Take note that the sizing of this Ascender jacket and the Ascender II version is different. The Ascender II is the slimmer one, which is something to keep in mind if you’re planning to buy both.
The only thing I noticed about this jacket is it runs larger than other options. Other than that, it’s a very comfy and warm choice.


Wind and water-resistant
Bound cuffs and cinched hem
Designed with zip pockets


It runs a bit large


Weatherproof Windbreaker Classic Golf Jacket

best golf jackets for cold weather

Another golf jacket I recommend is the one from Weatherproof. This is a blend of 85% polyester and 15% nylon, making it water and wind-resistant. Meanwhile, its outer shell is made of five-sanded microfiber, which is light yet comfy.

Aside from that, this jacket has premium knits on the cuffs and waist hem. It has a nice stretch that allows you to pull the sleeves up when making a shot. Overall, the fabric is made for topnotch mobility during a match. It’s also perfect for everyday wear with its stylish design.

Moreover, this has a front zip with a lay-flat collar that can be flipped for added warmth. It has a button tab so you can secure the flap in place during a windy day.

There are also two exterior pockets with fastened snaps and an interior zip pocket. You can use this to store important items like your phone or car keys.

Overall, this is a reliable golf jacket. It also dries fast as long as you hang it. You can also machine-wash it on cold water and a gentle cycle. Just avoid machine drying because it could damage the material.

  • Water-resistant design
  • Knitted cuffs and hem
  • Excellent mobility
  • It makes a swishing noise when the fabric rubs, but it’s not a biggie

Callaway Full-Zip Golf Jacket

best golf jackets for cold weather

For very cold days, the Callaway Full-Zip Golf Jacket is a must-have. This is made of 100% polyester with Opti-Therm insulated fabric to repel the chilly temperature. It keeps you warm and comfy on every swing.

Aside from that, this jacket has waffle-knit fleece on the back of the pocket. Meanwhile, the front has a heather knit fabric for added style and comfort. This also bears the Callaway logo on the right arm.

This jacket isn’t lined, but it remains comfortable. It’s also light and true to size, which is a big plus. It allows full mobility of the arms so that you can perform well on the course.

Just remember that this jacket isn’t made for snow. Despite that, golfers would benefit a lot from this jacket’s level of protection.

I’ve had many Callaway jackets before, and this is one of their few full-zips. It’s very easy to wash, and it also dries fast, so you no longer have to use the machine for it.

The bonus part here is you can choose from four colors: blueprint heather, castlerock heather, high rise heather, and black.

  • Windbreaking design
  • Opti-Therm insulation
  • Quick-drying
  • The collar rolls a bit

LONDON FOG Auburn Golf Jacket

best golf jackets for cold weather

The LONDON FOG Auburn Golf Jacket is made of 92% polyester and 8% nylon. It also has a full zip enclosure, making it easy to put on and off as you wish.

Also, this has a tonal mesh body lining and interior pockets for your convenience. To keep your hands warm, three are double-entry lower pockets on each side of the jacket. You can also use this in carrying tees and other important gears on the course.

I’ve had a LONDON FOG jacket before, and they really make excellent rainwear. For this golf jacket, you’ll enjoy both comfort and warmth.

I also like the notch collar with a plaid underneath. The cuffs have snap cuffs so you can secure it during a windy day. As for the waist, it has an elastic hem for comfort and keeping winds out.

Moreover, this jacket is true to size and packs well without getting wrinkly. Its bi-swing back design also makes it very easy to make a shot and follow-through. Overall, it has quality workmanship, which is impressive for this price range.

However, the black color isn’t really solid black, but more of matte charcoal. Anyway, that’s not really much of an issue for me.

  • Bi-swing design for flexibility
  • Tonal mesh lining
  • Water-resistant
  • The hem can be improved, so it doesn’t ride up

adidas Climaheat Golf Jacket

To complete the list of the best golf jackets for cold weather, I have the adidas Climaheat. This is made of 96% polyester and 4% elastane. You’ll enjoy excellent mobility here since the material is very stretchy.

Also, this uses the Climaheat fabric technology that keeps you warm and dry during chilly days. Despite that, the jacket remains lightweight for comfort.

Moreover, this jacket has heat guards along the sleeves that traps body warmth. And since it has a drop tail design, it offers more coverage and will be warmer if the hem is tucked on your golf pants. It doesn’t have a drawstring cinch so tucking it in is the only way to avoid the wind.

Aside from that, this jacket has two zip pockets. It’s also water-resistant to some extent but not made for rains. Other than that, this is an excellent jacket with a light material so you’ll remain comfy.

I only noticed that the sizing runs bigger, and the sleeves tend to be longer than usual. If you’re short, the sleeves may feel longer than your liking.

  • Climaheat fabric technology
  • Heat guards along the sleeves
  • Light material
  • The bottom doesn’t have a drawstring, so you have to tuck it in

How to choose the best golf jackets for cold weather

When it comes to golf jackets, I’ll make things simple. The following are the aspects you should think of before buying.

✔️Size and fit

The very first thing you should consider is the size of the golf jacket. Unlike other jackets, you need to allow room for flexibility. This way, you can make a swing without feeling constrained by the material.

The tricky part here is that every manufacturer has its own sizing chart. Taking measurements is important here to ensure that you’ll buy the right size.


Golf jackets should have lightweight but warm material. This is so you can move with ease without compromising comfort.

Many golf jackets I’ve used are blended with synthetic material to trap body heat efficiently. Some have linings that make it warmer to wear.

The most common golf jacket materials are a blend of polyester, nylon, and elastane. This provides the right stretch and warmth that you need on a cold day.

You should also check the material so you’d have an idea of how you’ll wash it.


Golf jackets are available in different designs, but most of them are simple and straightforward. As much as possible, look for a bi-swing back design for unhindered swings. Also, it should have a full zip enclosure with a flip collar. This will keep your neck protected with the option to fold it on warmer days.

Also, make sure that the cuffs of the golf jacket have enclosures to keep the air out. The bottom should also be cinched, or you’ll have to tuck it in your pants or golf shorts.


Pockets are very important when buying golf jackets. It’s not just for the purpose of bringing tees and other golf items. The front pockets will also keep your hand warm while waiting for your turn. Most of these are zippered so that you won’t lose your possessions.

✔️Water and wind resistance

The best golf jacket for cold weather should be wind-resistant, so you won’t feel chilly while playing. Also, water resistance is a big plus just in case there’s a light drizzle and snowfall. Both of these features will keep you warm, whatever the weather is.


Lastly, consider the price of the jacket. You don’t have to splurge on designer jackets just to be warm on the golf course. The five I reviewed here are budget-friendly. It’s also been tried and tested by hundreds of golfers, so rest assured that each one will be comfortable to wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you golf in cold weather?

A: Yes, as long as there’s no snow or intense winds. The challenge with golfing during a cold day is that the ball doesn’t fly as far as it used to on hotter days. The air is denser, so the ball experiences more drag than when the atmosphere is warm. Aside from that, your hands will get chilly, which may impact your shots.

Q: What temperature is too cold for golf?

A: It’s hard to have fun in 30F weather if you’re planning to golf. Also, you’re bound to lose a yard for every 10-degree temperature change. To put that in perspective, you’re going to lose four yards on a 40-degree day.

Q: Is cold weather bad for golf clubs?

A: The cold weather won’t damage your clubs, it would be the moisture that will cause them to rust. It’s important to store it in a temperature-controlled area so the grips won’t crack as well. And if you notice signs of rust on your club, clean it right away so it won’t spread all over during winter or cold days.

Q: Is golf harder during winter?

A: Technically, yes, because the cold weather will affect the ball speed and your swings. Even if you’re playing on winter greens, you still need to prepare for it’s still a different challenge.

Q: How can I get better at golf during winter?

A: While winter is in full blast, you can practice your chips and putts at home. Get yourself a putting mat that you can use indoors. It’s also a great time to brush up on your posture and improve your swing. You should practice your grip to prevent back and arm pain.

Final words

The best golf jackets for cold weather will keep you comfy and toasty on every shot. Just make sure that you get one with the right size, material, design, and wind resistance. And while there are many dirt-cheap options in the market, price should always be the last priority.

What do you think of these golf jackets? Which do you find the warmest? Share your thoughts below!