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Top 12 Picks: The Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

Any golfer knows that a good grip is the secret for an outstanding game. Certainly, buying one of quality is a good investment. On the other hand, the challenge comes when a golfer has sweaty hands. Technically, all grips are made to counteract sweaty hands, but there are specific kinds which can serve better. So this blog post will guide you to the best golf grips for sweaty hands!

Types of Grips

First, there are four main types of grips in terms of the material: corded, rubber, synthetic, and leather. Each can serve a golfer’s unique preference. They vary in thickness, length, comfort, and style. A golfer with sweaty hands usually goes for a tacky rubber grip to regain control. Second, there are three types of grips in terms of the type of hold and usage: swing, putter, and specialty. Swing grips can maintain control even with high moisture. Putter grips allows you to have a smooth control for putting because of its slight bend shape. Specialty grips have power generating designs. It just makes sense that swing grips tend to be a favorite among golfers with distinct sweaty hands.

Another thing to take into consideration is how playing regularly wears down golf grips which is really a problem with seasoned golfers. This wearing down though is a frequent problem with golfers with sweaty hands.

So overall, getting a golf grip which really suits your general condition is the best way to not waste money and have a good time in the golf course. Here are the top 12 picks for golf grips for sweaty hands:

1. Winn Dritac Golf Grip

Winn grips are known to be superbly comfortable. A Winn Dritac has a classic wrap style design and is available in seven different colors and varying sizes. Also, the weight of this grip ranges from 28 to 50 grams. The good moisture absorber design isn’t only excellent for golfers with sweaty hands but can also do well for wet weather. Its cushioning which is made of polymer material is what makes it non-slippy.

2. Winn Excel Ultra Soft Oversize Grip

From Winn again, this is another good pick. This one is an oversized golf grip that offers a wide range and a cushioned polymer comfort good for shock absorption and vibration dampening. Being oversize, this is also really good for golfers who also have arthritis.

3. Winn Midsize Dry-Tec 13 Set

Another from the Winn. This is practically the same with the Dritac and Excel Ultra Soft, but as a midsize, it is slightly thicker. Players with large, sweaty hands will really benefit from this one. For those who want to save money, this is a great pick because this is a complete set.

4. Winn X Pro Golf Putter Grip

Golfers are loving the Winn X Pro’s pistol profile which is said to prevent unnecessary wrist actions that is almost frequent with sweaty hands.

5. Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound Grip

Another one of the best golf grips for sweaty hands! This combines both cord and rubber materials which makes it excellent as an ultimate all-weather grip. It is also super durable. A lot of professional golfers prefer this grip which is fairly expensive.

6. Golf Pride Tour Wrap Grip

The durable high tack rubber of this one gives it the firmest feeling. Golf Pride Tour Warp is good for wet weather as well.

7. Karma V-Cord Golf Grip

A Karma V-Cord is another one of the best golf grips for sweaty hands. It is a corded upper half grip that allows it to give an additional traction. At the same time, it usually goes as a hybrid grip as the bottom half is soft rubber which provides superior comfort. It has a round shape, weighs 51 grams, and is available in standard and core sizes.

8. Karma Velour Golf Grip Bundles

Thirteen pieces of grips which are available in black, black/white, blue, pink, and white, this is also a good pick. Giving you a firm control, you can choose from the standard, junior, ladies, midsize, and jumbo size.

9. SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Golf Putter Grip

Its lightweight and flexible design isn’t only appropriate for golfers with sweaty hands but with any kind of hand grip style. This comes with the SuperStroke technology that allows you to have a good consistent performance in a game. Its outer layer is made out of a polyurethane material which gives a good grip. At the same time, the foam makes it to be more comfortable than the other grips.

10. Lamkin UTX Grip

The Lamkins have a tri-layer technology as well as an Advanced Cohesive Elastomer materials which all provide a comfortable feeling. Available in colors black and blue, this grip has a standard grip size. Good amidst humid conditions, it helps you to have longer, robust, and consistent shots.

11. Pure Grip DTX

A golfer with hands prone to sweat, who is also looking for easy-to-install and easy-to-remove grips, can really have a great buy by availing a Pure Grip DTX. A golfer won’t lose tackiness because it is multi-textured. Its shock absorption capacity is also outstanding, so you will be comfortable during the whole course of the game.

12. Champkey MCS Golf Grips Set of 13

The Champkey MCS is very afforadable and you are in for a treat of many colors. It is firm and slip-resistant which is really good for golfers with sweaty hands.

Final Words

There you have it! The best golf grips for sweaty hands!

Now, once you get a grip that checks your list of preferences, you have to take care of it by regularly cleaning it. Dirt as well as the seat coming from your hands will accumulate there and you need to take them off. The basic way to clean it is by using a wet cloth then a dry one. In case of grips which are really dirty, warm water as well as soap are your best friends. After an intense scrubbing, rinse with the warm water and then use a dry cloth.

Re-gripping is also one thing you may want to do. When you observe that your grips are starting to worn, re-grip them as soon as possible. Once a year is the standard, but if you are always playing, more re-gripping is needed. Remember too that if you use gloves when you golf, you are protecting your grips more than if you won’t use them.

Now, if choosing what to buy from this list full of amazing picks is difficult, bear in mind that all will suit your sweaty hands while giving you comfort as well. All of these brands will help you deliver the best performance you can give. You may also seek the help of your friends who play golf or the advices of well-known golfers.

Lastly, these all comes back to the root problem which is your sweaty hands. You can do some things in order to counteract it. Invest in good gloves too and since you are sweaty, rotate gloves often. It is suggested that you rotate immediately the second that you feel a slippery sensation in your hands. Others suggest that you put on powder. Another method too is using sweat bands on your wrists. Just take note that these bands may affect your swing, but if you feel that they don’t, it is okay to use them. Wiping sweat from your hands using golf towels is somewhat not favored by golfers. They are saying that these towels are only good in cleaning clubs, so you should stick with normal gym towels for your hands. With regards to towels though, use many!

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