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Golf Stretching Exercises For Seniors

Golf Stretching Exercises For Seniors

It is a wise idea for older golfers to keep in mind that golf stretching exercises for seniors is very important. But also remember not to put any strain on your body this is just to warm up and to loosen off those muscles. No pain no gain is totally the wrong advice.

After all, nobody wants to come home from a days golf to realize that they will be sore and ache due to stiffness as they chose not to do their stretching exercises and warm up their muscles before they began to play.

Golf exercises for seniors only takes moments and is definitely worth the effort the following day.

Many senior golfers do not even consider helping themselves increase their game-playing power by choosing to stretch their muscles before they begin.

After all, if your joints are limbered up, you will be more likely to flex your muscles and increase your shot. Some golfing seniors seem to think that they will have to spend a large amount of time doing their golf stretching exercises before they can begin to enjoy the game. 

However, this is not the case. Consider getting together with your buddies before you begin golfing so that everyone can do their golf exercises together going through a full range of motions. This will make things go much faster, and you will also not have your friends looking at you like you are crazy.

It is important to remember if you are hurting yourself in any way, you need to stop stretching. This is what is known as your point of resistance. You want to stretch your muscles, not damage them.

Golf stretching exercises for seniors

Golf Exercises and Stretches for Seniors Golfers

The first exercise that you are going to do is rotate your arms in a circular motion. Place your arms out to your sides as if you were stopping a wall from closing in on you. The next thing is to begin circling the arms, starting at the wrist and then moving to the complete arm. Go clockwise for 20 repetitions, and then counterclockwise for another 20 repetitions. This will help you get nice and flexible so that you can enjoy your game of golf.

The next exercise that you are going to do is going to require one of your golf clubs. Anyone will do. Your starting position will have you place your club at waist height in both hands and stand with your feet flat shoulder width apart. Breath in deeply and slowly exhale while you slowly raise your club above your head. Hold it there for 5 seconds, and then slowly lower back into the original position at your waist for another 5 seconds.

After you have repeated this ten times, you can move on to the next exercise. Now, we will put our golf club on the back of our shoulders behind our head and grab the club with each hand so that you have a firm grip. Position yourself in a way that would resemble getting ready to take a swing. By doing this ten times, you will be confident that your body is getting ready to play the perfect game of golf.

Now, it is time to get busy stretching your lower back. Once again, you will take a good hold of your golf club with each of your hands. Now keep your legs straight and bend at your waist being very careful to not overdo it and damage your spine. After you have done this ten times, you will know that you are fully stretched in your lower back, and you are getting ready to play some golf.

Many people are not very excited when it comes to doing squats especially dare I say it senior citizens. After all, they are not easily done because it stretches out those leg muscles. However, if you can do a squat and hold for 5 seconds and repeat this five times, your body will feel amazing afterward. It may seem like a lot of work to get ready to enjoy your favorite hobby. It can also help your heart and cardivascular system.

Are Warm Up Exercises For Seniors Worth Doing

However, you will not regret that you took the time to read the information mentioned above. Consider arriving at the golf course 15 minutes earlier than you would have initially arrived for your tee-off time. This will give you a couple of extra minutes to get yourself started with your stretching routine. Do this a few times, and it will become routine, and you will never want to give it up.

After all, when you realize how much better your game is beginning to get, you will realize that it was an excellent investment in your precious time. It is also essential to keep in mind the fact that we all as adults have a busy life. Most people do not want to be sore so that they cannot function the following day. I hope you will consider making golf stretching exercises for seniors a part of your regular game of golf.