Golf Swings

Golf Slow Backswing Drill

While many golfers focus on fixing their swing, the golf slow backswing drill is often forgotten about by the amateur player as part of the equation most aim for a faster backswing and that culprit causes all sorts of problems. If you are finding that you are having difficulty with accuracy or are not hitting your shots as far as you would like with your driver, it may be due to your backswing. Here are some easy fixes.

Golf slow backswing drill

The first thing as a golf player you need to focus on isn’t the golf swing but the mechanics of how you are standing. To get more power in your downward arc, your stance needs to be correct. The best position for most people is to stand with your knees slightly flexed. Practice this golf swing position at home until it feels natural. There should be a slight bend if your knees, but they don’t need to be bent.

You can think of your knees like a spring. If they are too flexed, the spring will pop around wildly when the pressure is released. If there is not enough flex, nothing will happen. Picture squeezing a small spring together just a little bit with your fingers. That is the right amount of flex to have in your knees for the average player.

Now, let’s move onto the rest of your body. Your shoulders and your torso will have a significant impact on your golf swing, both back and down. Work on aligning them properly, and you should see a big difference in accuracy. If you are pulling your shoulders one way or the other, it will pull your shots. Work on getting them square in your stance and then gradually and smoothly bring that right shoulder back as you bring the club back. Keep trying this until the motion feels fluid.

Your torso is the next area to target. If you are twisting too much, once again, you’ll be pulling that shot. Every motion needs to be fluid. Perhaps the best way to correct torso and shoulder problems is to swing in slow motion. People you need to slow backswing down until you can feel that exact moment when you twist the torso too far or move the shoulder too far. Then, please take steps to correct it and try it again.

Last but not least, the player hips also matter in the backswing. They should be facing forward in your stance, and they should not move much during the backswing. If you are pulling them, this can reduce your backswing’s overall power since much of it will be coming from your hips.

Imagine a straight line coming out from both of your hips. This line should remain straight all through the players backswing and then through the downswing. Slow everything down again and focus on keeping your hips straight. Once you have that moment pinpointed, you are well on the way to a slower backswing, correct and redo until the right stance feels natural.

By working on your slow motion backswing and breaking down each component into the golf slow backswing drill lessons above, you will find any areas that need improvement, and you’ll have the ability to tell just when you’re going wrong. Practice swings at home and see if you can’t put together the perfect golf swing. When you are next on the fairway and the golf ball goes just where you wanted it all the practise will have been worthwhile