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Best Kid Golfers in the World – Know Them 1 by 1!

Like other sports, playing golf entails lots of benefits not only for adult golfers but even for kids. Generally, the kids are able to learn important life’s lessons as they play with the adults. Moreover, in every shot, they also learn to control emotions, stay positive, and develop integrity, discipline, and respect. Despite it, many kids have been successful in the field of golf making them rewarded as the best kid golfers in the world.

We have here five of the best golfers in the world who made their stardom at a young age. Check here for their amazing and inspiring golf story. Aside from that, we also have here some tips for parents on how to raise a kid golfer.

List of the Best Kid Golfers in the World

Tiger Woods

Basically, Tiger Woods made its legendary name in the history of golf. Since the age of 3, he already became a phenomenon making him one of the best kid golfers in the world. During that time, Tiger Woods shot 48 for the nine holes within the regulation-length Navy Golf Club. When he reached the age of 8, he won as the club champion on the 2, nine-hole on 156-yard on Heartwell Golf Park.

As Tiger Woods gets older, he still wrote the success of his life in the field of golf even as a kid. At the age of 13, he ranked first on the Optimist Junior World age-group championships. He performed great during that time and made five holes-in-one. Aside from that, he also had an amazing exhibition game with Sam Snead.

Other recognition that made Tiger Woods as one of the best kid golfers in the world is during the time he ranked number one in the local city junior championship game. Additionally, he also landed as the overall champion on the 13-14-year-old World Junior division. The Big I Insurance Classic also placed Tiger Woods on the pedestal as he also grabbed it during that time in Fort Worth.

Oscar Murphy

Another one of the best kid golfers in the world, Oscar Murphy was 13 years old when he won the HSBC Future Falcons. It was a local tournament related to the junior golf program. He then had given the opportunity to tee off at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship. At that once in a lifetime opportunity, Murphy joined a group of golf stars including Dustin Johnson, Tommy Fleetwood and McIlroy.

best kid golfers in the world

Oscar Murphy basically packed on the Abu Dhabi Golf Club at 15th hole. Additionally, during that event, at around 177-yard par-3, he hit the 3-wood tee-shot. For Murphy, being one of the best kid golfers in the world, outhitting the world number one at a young age is a dream turned reality.

Xavier Perez

A 10-year old golf prodigy is one of the best kid golfers in the world. Basically, it may be too early to celebrate for the side of Xavier Perez but this young golfer would probably the next superstar in the world of golf. At around 18 months old, he already played the game of golf and already won the first tournament he joined at the age of 3.

Moreover, he ranked at almost 300 wins and included at the list of the top-ranked golfer for children aging 12 to 14 years old at the state of Georgia. This is generally amazing as Xavier Perez ranked on that category despite his exclusion on that age bracket. Additionally, it would have been a great miracle as he has already overcome the obstacles of being born prematurely at 20 weeks.

Aside from that, Xavier or commonly called Xeve creates comparison with Tiger Woods who tends to be this golf prodigy’s fave. This makes him develop a great eagerness to succeed which takes him regarded as one of the best kid golfers in the world. In the world of golfing, Xeve seems not to get satisfied with anything.

For him and his drive to succeed, the sky is the limit in order to get better. Xavier Perez practices almost every day as he is very dedicated to this greatest ambition of him. Xeve dreams to hit holes at the Augusta National Golf Club when he reaches 16 years old.

Grady Rogers

Another 10-year-old golfer in the list, Grady Rogers already got first hole-in-one at a young age. He almost waited for five years and at the age of 10 Rogers already became one of the best kid golfers in the world. Basically, this amazing kid golfer hit two holes within the round at the 9-10 age division in Topeka Junior Golf Summer Series Event No. 4. Moreover, at the 120-yard No. 11 uphill par 3 holes, Rogers also hit the 5-hybrid.

This generally made Grady Rogers a local sensation as he was posted to social media and attended interviews on televisions. That’s why it is no surprise that this kid belongs to the list of the best kid golfers in the world. In fact, according to the president of TJGA Jared Goehring, there was no other who hit holes-in-one in the summer series during the past years.

Graham Hall

During the United States Kids Golf 2020 World Championship held in Pinehurst, North Carolina, Graham Hall positioned at the ninth place. He is only7 years old and hit the 8-over-par 116 via the tournament having three-round. Included in his best works are a shot on 2-over 38 at the opening nine-hole round and taking the fourth-best score of the day.

Aside from that, Graham Hall also shot par within the first three holes and seven out of nine holes during the first round. This also includes the 290-yard par-5. All of these contributed to the success of this one of the best kid golfers in the world. Moreover, on the second round, he then hit another 38 which also shoot par for seven holes.

His golf journey basically started when he was just 4 years old. As he watched his sister Jordan on her golf lessons at the Snee Farm Country Club, he picked up a golf club and hit balls on the range. That was the beginning of everything for Hall, he watched PGA tour events and mimic the swing of his favorite players inside the living room.

At the age of 5, Graham Hall generally had his first golf lesson at the Snee Farm. It was in September 2018 when he first competed at the fall tour event in Columbia. Afterwards, during the spring, Hall went back to Columbia and grabbed the tour championship. July of that same year, Graham Hall got his best round when he participated on the US Kids Golf tour.

He was also a part of the PGA Junior Summer League and a qualifier at the USKG World Championship last 2010. All these made Graham Hall one of the best kid golfers in the world.

Best Kid Golfers in the World – The Global Junior Golf Rankings

Basically, the Global Junior Golf Rankings is the most updated list of the junior golf ranking site. This monitors the performance of boy and girl golfers ages 5 to 19 joining the junior golf tour events worldwide. Here is the list of the top five boys and girls as the best kid golfers in the world today.

Boys Best Kid Golfers in the World

1Taehoon (Brian) ParkSeoulSouth Korea
2Karson GrigsbyAbilene, TexasUSA
3Mason SnyderLas Vegas, NevadaUSA
4Robert BenderLouisville, KentuckyUSA
5Alex Da Hwan JungOrlando, FloridaUSA

Girls Best Kid Golfers in the World

1Seung Hwa NamLos Angeles, CaliforniaUSA
2Rory WeinfurtherMidlothian, VirginiaUSA
3Meagan WinansRichardson, TexasUSA
4Seryeong ParkSan Diego, CaliforniaUSA
5Ye Ji ParkLos Angeles, CaliforniaUSA

How to Create the Best Kid Golfers in the World

Once you decided to begin your child playing golf, you need to have a concrete plan that basically resolves certain issues. The following tips and factors will help to form the best kid golfers in the world. Check them all below:

best kid golfers in the world

Best Kid Golfers in the World Starting Age

Generally, you need to have an idea to determine the stage when your kid is ready to face and play the game. The director of Kendall Academy at Miles of Golf says that the right time to make the best kid golfers in the world is the moment the child shows interest in playing. The best example for this is Tiger Woods who showed his love for golf at a very young age.

However, some kids may not tend to see the right time because they really don’t have any interest in the game. Generally, as a kid, most of us already have an idea about what kind of sports we like and we don’t like. In order to determine the right time when the kids should start playing golf, consider the following:

  • Let them watch golf tournament either on live or on TV to introduce good players playing golf.
  • Basically, allow them to hit a golf ball without giving the ideas on the way it should be done.
  • Take them to the golf course and play as they watch you. Generally, give them the opportunity to have some shots.


Actually, when you want your kid to start playing golf, you do not need to spend big bucks over it. For just a small budget, you can already get a junior set of bag and golf clubs. Basically, the sets will pack with lofted wood, the iron of mid and short form, and putter. And generally, most companies offer three sizes of junior clubs which vary on the height of the kids.

Besides, if the kid begins playing golf, they only need a set of one or two golf clubs. The most important thing to remember is that the clubs have the appropriate size. On the other hand, starting golf doesn’t make golf shoes and gloves necessary things.


Generally, most kids learn sports by mimicking the way it is being played. That’s why it is actually better to provide the kids with detailed instruction regarding golf swing and see how their eyes spark. Moreover, notice how excitement about the game suddenly fades. Most of the time, a kid watching good players will have to pick up the game in a similar way the kids learn.

Playing Partners

Actually, one important way to create the best kid golfers in the world is to get their friends involved. The kids really need to have playing buddies in order for them to develop as a good player and enjoy the game as well. It is basically better to have a group of kids interested in golf playing with each other. Moreover, they should also develop friendships and rivalries.

Courses to Play

If you need to look for courses to play with, make sure that it is best for juniors. Generally, most of the best kid golfers in the world begin playing at Brookside, Georgetown, and Huron Hills. It is also important to remember that kids generally rule at these courses. Moreover, they also play in similar equality with adult golfers.

Parental Involvement

Generally, in order to create the best kid golfers in the world highly demand the participation of their parents. However, as parents, it is highly crucial to provide the child with the appropriate golf instruction.

Helpful Resources

Basically, you also need to include organizations that can help to form the best kid golfers in the world is your plan. These resources may be a big help to make your kid have a great start in the game. Here are some of the organizations that you may consider:

  • Kendall Academy – provides after school, camps like spring break and summer, and private golf lessons
  • The City of Ann Arbor – it gives junior golf programs via the help of the City Recreation Department
  • First Tee – this is a national organization that teach children about golf and life important lessons
  • Michigan PGA – offers tournaments and instructional programs

Final Thoughts

The best kid golfers in the world usually have the desire to play the game with a heart and a sound mind. For them, playing golf gives them a lot of benefits more than being in the stardom. In fact, most of the kid golfers learn the most important life’s lessons as they play the game of golf at a young age.

Moreover, in our world, today where technology dominates the mind of most kids, playing golf is the best way to spend their life enjoying everyday’s moment. Additionally, golf is also a great opportunity to have a healthy and lifelong habit of exercising.