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60 Degree Wedge – Buying Guide

A 60-degrees wedge maybe your close comrade or your worst adversary, depending on how you use it. Many tournament victories have been salvaged by the 60-degrees Wedge, while others have been destroyed. 

If you have the proper 60-degree Wedge in your bag, it will give you a lot more confidence in your shot-make and skill nearby the greens. 

When it comes to selecting the most delicate 60-degree Wedge for your bag, the options may be bewildering. Apart from the fact that there are many businesses to select from, you also need to examine the loft, grind, and bounce choices available for each. 

For golfers who typically carry just one Wedge in their bag, adding a 60-degree wedge may significantly improve their short game performance. 

In this analysis, we will provide our top choices for the finest 60-degree wedges available on the market, as well as some information to assist you in determining which one is the best fit for your needs.

TaylorMade Golf MG2 Wedge Check Price
Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge Check Price
Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Wedge Check Price
Wilson Harmonized Wedge Check Price
Callaway Mack Daddy 5 Jaws Women’s Wedge Check Price
Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge Check Price

The Purchasing Guide for 60 Degree Wedge 

How will you select which new Wedge to add to your bag now that you have the finest potential choices available to you? 

There are various crucial things to consider when selecting a 60-degree lob wedge that you should think about before making a purchase decision. 

Should extend a 60-degree Wedge as far as possible. 

If you are looking for a loft wedge to cover a gap in your bag in terms of a certain distance, it may not be the ideal option for you. May use lob wedges for full swings, but you should utilize these wedges to concentrate on the shorter shots rather than, the longer ones. A lob wedge shot that requires a full swing is not the most accurate or dependable stroke in golf. 

Unless you need precise yardage for a 60, you may guess it will go about ten yards less than a 56 in the distance. Again, we do not suggest it, particularly for those with high handicapping ability.

60 Degree Wedge – Top 7 Picks!


TaylorMade Golf MG2 Wedge - OUR TOP PICK!

Product Name: TaylorMade Golf MG2 Wedge

Product Description: We'll start with the TaylorMade Golf MG2 wedge, which is at the top of our list. This is a fresh face sketch, something that many golfers are not used to seeing, but it is producing pretty a stir in the world of professional golf. The bare fact of this golf club will rust, but the body of the club will remain bright and gleaming throughout. When the clubface is raw, it enables more spin and feels to be produced when struck. The grooves on the MG2 Wedge have been laser etched to provide greater precision and accuracy. In years ago, the best wedges were those with the deepest grooves. As a result, there are now grooves inside grooves and different treatments applied in between each groove. The wedge game has become much more accurate while also being somewhat more complex. When you look between the grooves of the MG2, you will see a significantly rougher surface that provides the club with lots of grip on the ball and allows it to generate a lot of spin over the greens.

Brand: TaylorMade

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Stability
  • Durability
  • Ease of Use


The MG2 is available in two color options: black and satin chrome, both seen here. Even though both finishes are attractive, we prefer the black finish because it is a sleek-looking wedge that avoids glare over the greens or in bunkers. 

The MG2 wedges are equipped with what TaylorMade refers to as a TPU insert. This insert is intended to absorb part of the vibration that occurs upon collision. The club has a very soft feel while still producing a significant spin on your strokes when using the insert. 

Ten degrees of bounce is possible in the sixty lofts, whereas eight degrees is possible in the sixty lofts. The MG2 is available in a variety of loft configurations. Additionally, there is a 58-degree wedge available if you want a more gradual loft development in your golf set. 

This is a milled grind club that has been meticulously designed with extreme accuracy. If you want to chip or pitch the ball, this is a good option for you to consider. It is not just used for high lofted shots over the green but also for other purposes. The sole grinds on the MG2 wedges are typical fare in terms of design. 

They wanted to create something adaptable and could be used by players of different handicap levels and abilities. We appreciate that this makes the purchasing procedure a bit less difficult for our customers.


  • All handicaps will benefit from this product. 
  • Designed to make a lot of flop shots 
  • This is a fantastic design for a loft wedge. 
  • Zip Grooves on the Cleveland Tour


  • Some people like a giant club head than others.


Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge

60 Degree Wedge

Cleveland Golf’s CBX Full is a fresh new model that has just release. This Wedge makes on the accomplishment of the CBX series, which has been in production for many years. This Wedge is a hybrid of Wedge’s cavity back and the blade style with a high toe profile and a blade back. We like the departure from the original CBX, which had a full cavity rear wedge. 

The CbX Full Face features a broad sole and is design to assist players in including flop shots into their game. Considering that flop shots are one of the most effective ways to use loft wedges, this club had to be near the top of our list for this category. 

Depending on the shots that players want to strike, this Wedge may be opened up or closed down. There is no point in being worried for those of you who have fallen in love with the Cleveland wedges due to their Tour Zip Grooves; they are still available. 

It is possible to get a tremendous spin with these wedges due to the combination of Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milling. 

The CBX Full face features the lowest grind that Cleveland has ever placed on a wedge. This is the club to decide if you want to be a little more adventurous over the greens and place a wedge in your bag that will offer you the most incredible opportunity to go up and under the ball. 

  • All handicaps will benefit from this product.
  • Designed to make a lot of flop shots
  • This is a fantastic design for a loft wedge.
  • Zip Grooves on the Cleveland Tour
  • Some people like a giant club head than others.

Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Wedge

60 Degree Wedge

Those who believed Callaway would fall short of the top three for great wedges were prove incorrect. The Mack Daddy series of golf wedges has only been around for a few years, but it contains some of the most cutting-edge technology on the market today. 

Because of its Groove-In-Groove technology, the Callaway wedges generate much more spin than many of their rivals. Everything about this is exactly as it sounds: grooves inside of grooves. This is the Wedge to use if you want an excellent grip on the ball while still having the flexibility to spin it any way you choose. 

Because of the soft carbon steel utilized in the production of the Callaway wedges, we like the way they feel in our hands. The Mack Daddy 4 wedges are available in two different finishes: platinum chrome and matte black (seen here). This classic-looking style is both visually appealing and comfortable to wear. 

The leap, garret, and rubs on these Callaway Mack Dad wedges are all very different from one another. It is likely to make many blends with the loft wedge, but it is particularly well-suit for those seeking a significant all-around boost to their short game. 

Tour pros highly inspired these wedges, and for that reason, we believe they are likely to request most to the mid to low handicapper. It’s possible that they don’t have the degree of forgiveness that a higher handicapper would want in their arsenal.

  • Interaction with the grass that is free of contaminants
  • Groove in Groove technology is a kind of music production.
  • Wedge with a lot of versatility
  • Many loft, grind, bounce combinations
  • Not the most up-to-date technology

Wilson Harmonized Wedge

60 Degree Wedge

The Wilson Harmonized wedge is not very expensive when compared to other golf wedges on the market. The Wilson Harmonized loft wedge is an excellent option if you have been considering adding one to your bag but have been hesitant to do so for fear of not utilizing the club often. 

This is not going to be a top-of-the-line wedge with groove-in-groove technology, tour turf interactivity, or any of that kind of stuff. On the other hand, this Wedge will provide you with some excellent value at the lofts that you may be lacking in your game. 

If you’re having trouble getting your shots to stop short enough or having trouble with bunker shots with a high lip, the Wilson Harmonized wedges may be able to assist. 

This design has a traditional appearance to it. The Wilson Harmonized wedge has a high polish finish, which we find a little too glossy for our tastes, but it will do for the price point. 

This Wedge is equip with a steel actual temper shaft that is ideal for players with a mid to high handicap who swing at a medium speed. While writing our review of the Callaway Mack Dad wedge, we noted the many bounces and ground options available on the Wedge. 

With the Harmonized, the only thing you have to decide on is your loft. The bounce and grind are entirely interchangeable, and you may open or shut this club to change it into whatever you want it to be at any time.

  • Blades with a traditional form
  • Wedge with a lot of versatility
  • The cost was very cheap.
  • Suitable for those with a mid-to-high handicap Not suitable for those with a lower handicap

Callaway Mack Daddy 5 Jaws Women’s Wedge

60 Degree Wedge

A sixty-degree club is something that many ladies are hesitant to put in their bags for whatever reason. Women should be using a sixty to assist the ball in stopping over the greens and getting out of bunkers on the course. 

Because women have a slower clubhead speed than males, keeping the ball where you want it to remain on the course may be difficult. Using a club that performs at a high level and generates tremendous spin is a no-brainer when it comes to your golfing arsenal. 

Regarding performance and pricing, the Callaway Mack Dad 5 is a brand-new product from Callaway that is both high-performing and expensive. This Wedge is available in several bounces and grinds configurations, but most significantly, it is available with a graphite shaft, which is ideal for female players. 

To succeed with your loft wedge shot, you must use an appropriately weighted shaft with the club. Attempting to play with a wedge that is too heavy for you will result in you mishitting the ball time and time again. 

The form of these wedges is highly classic, and you will get the impression that you can strike this club with accuracy. This set of wedges is available in a variety of various finishes. Still, we think the platinum chrome finish is the most attractive if you want a more conventional appearance in your purse.

  • Comes with a graphite shaft for ladies.
  • Excellent for shots from the greenside and bunker.
  • There are many bounces and sole grind choices.
  • The loft wedge has a classic appearance.
  • Expensive

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge

60 Degree Wedge

The blade-style design will be seen on the majority of excellent wedges. Players benefit from the blade-style because it allows them to hit a clean and crisp shot while still having plenty of workability over the greens. 

Many higher handicap golfers find that the blade-type Wedge does not provide enough forgiveness for their game. You may want to view at the Cleveland CBX 2 if this fits your style of play. 

Many golfers with higher handicaps believe that they should not carry a 60-degree wedge in their bag. This is not the case in any respect. As long as golfers are aware of correctly utilizing them, even higher handicap players may perform well with these wedges in their bags. 

When hitting these more tough-to-hit wedges, the CBX 2 makes the transition a little less challenging. 

The club’s general design is based on a hollow cavity construction. This means that, in addition to the spin and feel that you will receive from this Wedge, you will also get some forgiveness from it. Cleveland Golf included a feel balancing component inside the clubhead to decrease vibration while increasing the feel on the golf course. 

Even the fact that this is a hollow back-type wedge will not detract from its performance due to the Rotex face and the Tour Zip grooves on its back. There is no cause not to comprise a CBX2 Wedge in the bag of even the most inexperienced player.

  • Exceptional sensation
  • There is more forgiveness with a wedge in the blade design.
  • Simple design
  • Options for a straightforward grind
  • It won’t have as much turn as a quality player’s Wedge, but it will be enough.

What Is The Easiest Wedge To Hit On A Golf Course? 

The club with which you are most relaxed is the one that is the simplest to hit a wedge with. With their pitching wedge, some players like to hit a bump and run shot, while others prefer a mid-level approach with a 56, and still, others want to fly everything as near the pin as possible with a sixty and get it to stop very close to the pin. 

Lob wedges have a poor reputation for being one of the most demanding clubs to hit on the golf course. Although this Wedge is not any more difficult to hit than any other club in your bag, you must ensure that you have the proper sole grinds and bounce for your game before hitting it.

If you are using lob wedges, the most frequent mistake you will notice is hitting them too narrowly. This is most likely because the club bounced along the ground, and you didn’t strike down and through the shot, which resulted in you hitting it thin. 

Even though these lob wedges or sixty-degree wedges are not difficult to hit, you must have confidence in your ability to strike them. 

Confidence is the essential thing to have in the near term. If your confidence in your swing drops, so will your swing speed. You never know what will happen if your swing speed drops as you approach the impact zone. 

What Are the Applications of Sixty-Degree Wedges? 

According to golf pros, one of the fascinating things they will tell you is that the vast majority of amateur golfers have no clue what to do with a sixty-degree wedge. You may believe that it is just utilized to assist you in hitting an excellent flop shot near the green, but it can be employed for various other purposes. 

The short bin shot out of a high lip bin is one of the most beneficial shots you can play with a lob wedge, yet it is also the most difficult. You should never assume that just because your sand wedge is labeled with an S that it is the only club, you can use to get out of a bunker. Many professional golfers prefer to use a club with a higher lofted head when coming out of a bunker. It is possible to get the ball up high and stop extremely fast by using a 60-degree angle. 

Aside from hitting a high lofted bunker shot, you can also utilize this Wedge to smash short, high chips when you find yourself short-sided on the course. It is referred to as short siding ourselves when the tack is three steps off the back of the green, and the shot rolls over the end of the green after hitting it. 

At this stage, you must devise a strategy for bringing the ball to a complete halt as soon as possible. The 60 is a fantastic choice for this, and it gives you the most excellent chance of getting the ball to remain anywhere near the pin at all. 

What kind of lofts should I transport? 

This is a frequently asked subject, and there is no one correct solution to it. It will be most important to match the lofts of your wedges to the lofts of your irons when selecting wedge lofts. 

Ideally, you want to select a set that works best to create the most constant spacing between the clubs. 

Suppose your pitching wedge has a slope of 46 degrees, for example. You would most likely seek a configuration with the numbers 52, 56, and 60. If you have a pitching wedge that is 43 degrees, you may need to switch things up and use 48, 54, or 58 degrees instead. 

Whenever you are shopping for a wedge, keep the pitching wedge in mind before deciding on lofts. 

What kind of bounce should I look for in a Lob Wedge? 

A flexible lob wedge in your bag, most great players believe, should have an 8-10 degree bounce on it if you want to be as effective as possible. 

In my opinion, this is the optimal quantity to encourage the club to dig in just enough while avoiding it from sinking in too deep. It will come down to personal taste, golf course circumstances, and your particular capabilities. 

It is challenging to get the ball up in the air fast and instantly bring it to a complete halt. Loft and spin are the only things that can assist us in doing this task correctly. Choosing a tremendous sixty-degree lob wedge is all about selecting one that has the characteristics you need to send the ball into the air as quickly as possible. 

Even though the alternatives we examined will benefit many players, we still think the TaylorMade MG2 wedges are the best overall choice. The MG2 offers such a high feel and accuracy that it is difficult to match with it. 

It is only appropriate to recognize a company’s courage in informing players that their faces would be left natural and will rust and alter over time. This club offers players of all skill levels a whole different perception of what a wedge should feel like in their hands. 

If the MG2 is not the perfect fit for you, whether it’s due to a lack of funds or the fact that you just cannot fit a TaylorMade wedge in your bag, our recommendations of the CBX Full Face and the Mack Daddy should suffice. Choosing a new golf wedge this year from one of these top three options will be difficult.